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Little Rock, Arkansas

This estate home, designed for a large family, is situated in a suburban, gated, golf course community. It is designed in a very formal, balanced, classical style. A unique feature of this design is the “parents’ quarters.” This consists of a two bedroom, fully equipped apartment located above the semi-detached five car garage. This apartment can be accessed from a private stair or elevator. It is connected to the main house by a second story dormer walkway above their motor court porte-cochere.

Texarkana, Arkansas

The Mobley Residence is designed for entertaining and hosting visits from three grown children and their families. The ample and open plan with its expansive ourdoor areas for entertaining serves these needs extremely well. The nineteen hundred square foot Dining Room is at the core of the plan. All major rooms, with the exception of the bedroom wings, open into this room. An axis from the front door through the center of this room leads through the double rear doors across from the salt water pool to the cabana area. The sleeping areas are organized along the 160 foot corridor that opens to the outdoors at both ends. The masonry veneer on the house is Arkansas limestone. Ninety-three tons of limestone were delivered to the site where expert masons under the watchful eye of contractor, Gary Northam, placed each piece on the three structure complex.

Little Rock, Arkansas

This suburban residence design is influenced by the Craftsman Style of architecture. Both the entry and the rear of the home have ample porches to enjoy vistas which are available at all sides of the house. The interior of the home, though also influenced by the Craftsman details, has a more contemporary feel with its high ceilings and upper level over looks. 

Little Rock, Arkansas

The site for this modern home was a secluded infill lot in an older established traditional neighborhood. The clients wanted a home with clean lines and a lot of natural light to display their extensive art collection. The stone walls provide privacy on the south entry side of the residence, while the floor to ceiling glass opens up the home to views into a protected part to the south. Solar panels, orientation, and low maintenance materials are a few of the many sustainable features of the design. 

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