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North Little Rock, AR

When the North Little Rock Fire Department needed a new station to replace an aging location, they looked to the latest fire station design standards of NFPA 1500, 1710, and 1851.  They wanted a modern station that prioritized the health and safety of the career firefighters.  The resulting design incorporated a zoned layout for the control and elimination of carcinogens and contaminants.  The Hot and Cold Zones are separated by a transitional air lock to keep the contaminants out of the Living Quarters.  

Little Rock, Arkansas

JM Associates is a producer of outdoor programming for a nationally broadcast sports cable channel. They are located in downtown Little Rock in the McArthur Park Historic District and were committed to remaining in the area and chose to construct a new infill building on a vacant lot blending in with the existing historic fabric of the neighborhood. The 15,000 square foot facility includes a television production studio, offices and editing suites.


Little Rock, Arkansas

As a long standing business, Pinnacle Ford needed a state of the art facility to reinforce and expand that reputation. The overall concept is industrial and progressive with large volumes and contemporary design which echoes the company’s focus on technological advancement. In addition, utilizing warm materials to define smaller interior spaces and to separate circulation space from functional space fosters the companies tradition of person-to-person interaction.


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