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Little Rock, Arkansas
The model unit for this multi-family property was thoughtfully designed to be an outstanding competitor in the luxury apartment market. Through the use of materials, finishes, lighting, and furnishings, this unit offers a current, fresh, and unique design aesthetic. The finishes offer a neutral but sophisticated palette that appeals to a wide range of tenants and compliments a variety of furnishings and design styles without competing. Through the use of open shelving, style and color of the cabinets, hardware, tile backsplash, lighting and plumbing, the kitchen offers a luxurious custom feel. The furnishings and styling was selected and placed to maximize the space and appeal to the high-end market while strategically selecting an eclectic blend of plush, reflective, hand-crafted, bohemian, yet all unequivocally modern elements.

*ASID South Central Chapter 2019

Excellence in Design Award

Residential | Model Home: Bronze

Little Rock, Arkansas
Little Rock, Arkansas

The 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath residence needed an additional play and media room for the growing family. With no rooms to convert, an addition was designed at the rear of the house. The homeowner’s aesthetic is decidedly modern with a warm, chic styling. They desired for the room to be about their daughters, feel designed and not just “furnished”, yet also be comfortable for the owners and their guests. A clear program integrated multiple play and work areas zoned with custom millwork while layers of textures and patterns in cream, soft grey, and lavender were integrated into the design with custom cubbies, modular carpet, pillows, and art. 

*ASID South Central Chapter 2017-2018 Excellence in Design Award

Residential | Single Space: GOLD

Little Rock, Arkansas

In this mid-to-high-market apartment complex the clubhouse and common amenities are a large selling feature to prospective tenants. It was important to design the building and outdoor spaces so as to appeal to single millennial, families, as well as a smaller percentage of baby boomers. To do so, a lodge-like aesthetic with casual sophistication and a natural yet dramatic flair was implanted. Twenty-two foot tall filings with crafted, custom stained scissor trusses, glass storefront, bleached stacked stone, polished nickel light fixtures, and colorful, playful large format custom rugs create impressive, yet casual spaces. 

*ASID South Central Chapter 2016

Excellence in Design Award

Residential | Model Home: BRONZE

Little Rock, Arkansas

A law firm in a mixed-use building, largely occupied by residential condos, wanted to incorporate a Client Suite extension, suitable for overnight stays. Accessed by coded key pad, the 600sf suite includes a sitting and dining space, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, and laundry closet. The suite’s primary function is to accommodate out-of-town clients and partners. When not occupied, it is used as a conference room, especially for lengthy debriefing and arbitration meetings. Neutral tones and materials, consistent with the firm’s office finish out, are paired with gold and blue accents. The colors  incorporate the company’s logo while teaming with patterns and textures to add whimsy and spirit. Business casual meets condo chic in this hospitable suite. 

*ASID South Central Chapter 2014 

Excellence in Design Award

Hospitality | Living: GOLD


Little Rock, Arkansas

This suburban residence design is influenced by the Craftsman Style of architecture. Both the entry and the rear of the home have ample porches to enjoy vistas which are available at all sides of the house. The interior of the home, though also influenced by the Craftsman details, has a more contemporary feel with its high ceilings and upper level over looks. 

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